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Our Mission:

The Healing Heart Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding research that documents effective strategies to alleviate pain in children with cancer. Our goal is to standardize approaches to pain and palliative care so that suffering is minimized and quality of life is improved. Additionally, we are committed to clinical care for children by helping to deliver comprehensive services that will minimize or eliminate acute and/or chronic pain symptoms. The Foundation also helps children learn to cope with the pain associated with advanced illness. The Healing Heart Foundation supports both research and clinical areas of pain management for children with cancer.

The research study we are currently involved in is entitled, "The Assessment of Quality of Life in Children with Cancer Confronting Advanced Disease." A new protocol is presently being tested at various pediatric cancer centers across the United States. In terms of actual clinical care we have also supported the establishment of the David Center for Pain and Palliative Care at Hackensack University Medical Center. This center provides a team approach for children that are hurting. A pediatrician/oncologist, a psychologist and an advanced nurse practitioner work together to give constant comprehensive care. It is one of the only pediatric pain centers in New Jersey. This past year we have initiated a program where "pain rounds" are done on all pediatric in hospital patients. An advanced nurse practicioner is dedicated only to pain needs of the children.